Thursday, November 1, 2018

Collection of My Blogs

As I've been writing for the Master over the years and publishing my material online, I've developed numerous blogs. My Master is Jesus Christ, God's Son. And this site contains a collection of my best and most popular blogs in one place, so that anyone who would like to browse my material can more easily find what they are looking for. I hope you will enjoy what you find here! Feel free to contact me, if you'd like to, through the website listed at the bottom.

Below you will find the names of my blogs, and beneath each title you will find links to the posts within each blog. For my most recent articles, please visit "Old News That's Still Fresh."

A Brush with Life
Why This Blog?
The Bridegroom
The Creator
The Beautiful Bride
A Scribe Unto the Lord 

A Pleasing Sacrifice
Unselfish Hearts
Jesus Sent Peter and John to be Sacrificed
The Sacrifices of God
A Continual Sacrifice Without Defect
Pleasing the Lord
Crucified with Christ
What Jesus Did Not Do on the Cross

Be Fruitful and Multiply
Being a Witness for Christ
Evangelism only for the healthy?
Be a Star for Jesus
International Impact of Pentecost
Popularity of the Gospel
The Jesus Film Project
Fishers of Men - the 419 series
Give Me Children or I'll Die!
Here I Am, Send Me
Now is the Day of Salvation 
Confrontational Evangelism
Life Transformation Groups
How to Start an LTG
The Sin of Silence
Rescue Souls!
What is That in Your Hand?
Multiplication Illustrations
Fruit in Every Season 

Biblical Health and Wellness
The Bible is Our Guide
Checking Your Heart
All Foods are Clean
Eat What is Set Before You
Eating Real Food
The Cause of Disease
The Role of Demons
The Power of God to Heal
When We Are Not Healed
Physical Exercise
White Poison
Some Foods Damage, Others Heal
Taking Care of Your Body 
What Does the Bible Say About Vaccines?
Scriptural Guidance About Blood Transfusions
Going from Cursed to Cured
Healing is in the Atonement
The Benefits of Eating Well
Is it a Sin to Take Medicine?
Maintaining Your Healing

Deliver us from evil
Even if it doesn’t happen like we expect
Piercing the Darkness
What Lurks in the Darkness?
Contending as one man
What About Conspiracies?
Overcoming the World
When All Means Fail - Part I
When All Means Fail - Part II
Hiding Place
Sin and Consequence
Demonology 101
Demonology 201
Demonology 301
The Evil Nephilim Giants
The Dangers of Disobedience
Speak to the Storm
The Flaming Sword
The Kingdom of Darkness
The Evil Spirit of Alcohol
The Origin of Sin, Satan, and Secular Music
The Rise and Fall of Lucifer the Musician
Sin, Satan, and the Submerged Sphere
Demons Disguised as Humans
The Lord will Rescue You
Spiritual Warfare
The Past Defeat and Present Threat of AI
The Temptation of Christ
To Sin or Not to Sin

Election and Predestination
Election and Predestination
Jesus Knows
Drifting Away
Keeping Power of God

Entering the Kingdom of God
Entering the Kingdom of God
Do You Want to Know Jesus?
You Must Be Born Again
Evidence of the Second Birth
Born of God 
All Things Are New!
Holy Washings - Part I
Holy Washings - Part II
From Religion to Relationship

Eternal Destinations
Where will you go when you die?
Few will be saved
Angelica Zambrano Hell and Heaven
Revelation of Hell to Seven Colombian Youths
Australian Pastor Raised from the Dead
Nigerian Pastor Raised from the Dead
The "Door to Hell"
Baptized by Blazing Fire -- a Korean church's testimony
Vision of Hell by Emmanuel Agyarko
Korean Pastor Raised from the Dead
Dare to Believe
Angelica Zambrano's Second Visit to Hell
Only the Holy -- Three Shocking Testimonies
The Four Tallest Homes in Heaven
When Earth Recedes and Heaven Opens
Ibrahim's Experience in Hell
Michael Thomas Sambo's Revelation of Heaven and Hell
Margaret O. Amure Back from Heaven
Sister Ayo - a Revelation of Heaven and Hell 
Godly Attire & Adornment -- Seven Divine Revelations
Seven Reasons to Believe the Seven Divine Revelations
The Book of Life
Bulgarian Preacher Raised from the Dead
The Place of Weeping and Gnashing of Teeth
Jesus Christ Descended Into Hell
A Warning to the Nay Sayers
Visitation of Jesus to Samuel Oghenetega
The Holy Fires of Hell
Ezekiel Moses Testimony of Heaven and Hell
Rock, Rap, and Reggae Music -- Five Divine Revelations
Messages from the Lord for Catholics Worshipping Idols
The Top Ten Things Jesus Taught
Alcohol and Cigarettes -- Nine Divine Revelations
The Judgment Seat of Christ
Michael Shigaba's Encounter with Jesus
A Warning for Married Christian Couples
Is Contraception a Sin?
The Marine Kingdom and Queen of the Coast
James Agboola Revelation of Heaven and Hell
Life After Death
Tattoos and Body Piercing
Divorce -- Three Divine Revelations
Eudoxia Varga Testimony of Heaven and Hell
Eternal Security
Fearfully and Wonderfully Made
The Home Going of Sister Claire Andoun Solomon
Claire Andoun Solomon's Encounter with Jesus
Revelation of Sister Claire Andoun in Heaven
Lynn Veasley's Revelation of Hell
Lynn Veasley's Revelation of Heaven
Hell Hath Enlarged Itself
Colombian Woman Died, Saw Heaven and Hell

Five Solas
Scripture Alone
By Faith Alone - Part I
By Faith Alone - Part II
By Faith Alone - Part III
By Faith Alone - Part IV
By Grace Alone
Christ Alone
For the Glory of God Alone
By the Spirit of God Alone

Hidden Treasures
Hidden Treasures
Resurrection Outworking in Us
Mining for Gold
Divine Tapestry
Ark of the Covenant Found - Part 1
Ark of the Covenant Found - Part 2
Better a Little

Military Ministry
Onward Christian Soldier
Women in the Military
Reaching the Military for Christ
Bearing Arms
Before You Join the Military
Military Suicide Epidemic 

Miraculous Survivals
Head on Collision with Highway Overpass Abutment
Head on Collision with a School Bus
Head on Collision with an Oncoming Car
Bridge Crash
Angelic Escape from Terrorist Assassins

Practicing the Presence of the Lord
Practicing the Presence of the Lord
Times of Refreshing in the Presence of the Lord
Recognizing Jesus
The Lord is Near
The Lord is There
Walking in the Light of His Presence
In the Shelter of the Most High
As the Still, Fair Court
Unbroken Communion with God 
The Practice of Abiding
Abiding in Christ Illustrated
Never Forsaken

Prayer Promises
Prayer Promises
Who intercedes for us?
Covenant Prayer
Standing in the Gap
Personal Proclamations of Faith
The Disciples’ Prayer
Keeping a Prayer Journal
When God Does Not Seem to Answer
Keys to Prayer

Preparing the Way 
Flagship Radio Program
Testimonies of Denis and Len Lacroix
Interview with Brother Danny Hahlbohm
Interview with Brother Michael Thomas Sambo
Interview with Brother Andrew Stenhouse
Interview with Brother Dennis L. Nederveen 

Seeking the Lord
Seeking the Lord
The Loving God Who Bids Us to Come
Is the the Self-Help and Actualization Movement a Sham?
From Self-confidence to Confidence in the Lord
The Self-Help Gospel
Inquiring of the Lord
Hearing the Lord's Voice
The Beauty of Brokenness
Drifting Away
Righteousness, Peace, and Joy
One thing
Holy Living in a Perverted World
Salvation with Fear and Trembling
Checklist for Revival
Bowing Low in Worship
Lifting Hands in Prayer
Lifting Your Face in Prayer
Crying Out to God Loudly
Taking Heaven by Force
Striving to Enter the Kingdom of God
Is Tithing Required for Christians?
Where Should You Give Your Tithe? 
Is Obedience Optional?
Deleted Scriptures in the Bible?
The Law Fulfilled in Us
The Law Established Through Faith
Law of Love in the New Testament
Did Jesus Nail the Law to the Cross?
The Law of Christ
The Cost of Discipleship
Praise the Lord!
God Chooses the Weak Things 
Seeing Jesus, Loving Him, Character and Glory
The New Covenant
Costly Grace
Holy Fire Baptism
Obedience by the Spirit
Now, But Not Yet
The End Has Come
Avoid Becoming a Corrupted Christian
The Burning Ones
The Happy Hunters on Fire
Pressing on Toward the Goal
Should you fear the Lord?
The Eyes of the Lord
The Obedience of Faith
Walking in the Perfect Will of God
Aim for Perfection
Called to be Blameless
You're Better Off Following Jesus
The Three Elijahs
The Fiery Sufferings of the Believer
The Afflictions of the Righteous
Whom Are You Seeking?
Is a Woman's Hair Her Head Covering?
God Exalts the Humble and Brings Down the Proud
Clean Hands and a Pure Heart
Keeping Your Body Pure and Holy
Carrying Your Cross or Cross Dressing?
An Open Mind that Loves the Truth
The Apostasy Parables
Is Tolerance a Virtue?
Grace, Mercy, and Peace
Life is Short. Eternity is Not.
Noah's Ark a Type of Christ
Ultimate Accountability
Separation from the World
The Knowledge of the Holy
The Forgotten Sin of Worldliness
Ask for the Ancient Paths
Sins That Will Keep You From Heaven
The Straight and Narrow Path 
Unhealthy Competition
A Peculiar People
Listen to Jesus, Who Upholds Moses and the Prophets
Beware of Philosophy and Empty Deception
The Love of Jesus
The Difference Between a Disciple and a Believer
Having a Servant's Heart
God Forgives and Forgets
Avoiding Worldly Worship
Purge the Evil from Among You
Who is God?
Who is God - Part II
Living a Life Worthy of the Lord
Praying for the Lord Jesus
The Lord Will Rejoice Over You
The Way, Will, and Word of God
Overcomers in This Life
Saints Alive in Jesus
Repentance That Leads to Life
Keeping a Good Conscience
Remember Lot’s Wife
If -- A Picture Paints a Thousand Words
The Nature of Persecution
Garments of Godliness
The Wardrobe of the Saints
Filled Up to All the Fullness of God
Loving Deeply
Seeking Glory from God
Amazing Grace
God's Sovereign Plans and Purposes
Abominations in the Sight of God
Identification with Christ
Alabaster Jar
Forgetting the Past
Was Jesus Seeker Friendly?
God's View of Public Bathing
Is Secular Music for Christians?
The Woes of Christ
Ignorance is Not Bliss
In the Yolk of Christianity
Songs of the Holy Fire
Known by God
Modern Day Idols
Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God
Walking in Truth, Righteousness, and Holiness
Escaping from Dead Religion
Living Sacrifices in Consuming Fire
God's Amazing Plan for Your Life
Your Identity in Christ
Having the Love of God in Your Heart
Knowing the Lord
Following in His Steps
Our God is an Awesome God
Hide and Seek with God
Belonging to the Lord
No Turning Back
David, A Man After God's Own Heart
Living on Earth as They Do in Heaven
Chosen for Obedience
The Ironies Between Jesus and Barabbas
Keeping Your Lamp Burning
The Holy Fire Series

Signs of the Times
News Headlines Reflect the End Times
Repent and Flee the Coming Wrath
The End Has Come
Grieve and Lament for the Church
The Mark of the Beast (666)
Very Few Will Hear the Trumpet Sound
Trumpet Sounds Heard Around the World
Something is Going on in 2012
Rapture in the Last Hour
End Time Events
City in the Sky 
Urgent Revelations of Christ's Imminent Return
The Amazing Sign of Jonah
Something is Going on in 2013
Come Out of Her
The Timing of the Rapture
America’s Destruction is at Hand
The Glory of Martyrdom for Christ
The Blood Moons of 2014 and 2015
Urgent: Jesus Christ's Return is Imminent
Peace, Safety, and the Thief in the Night
The 311 Moment
Are you Rapture Ready?
The Day of Our Lord’s Wedding is at Hand
Rapture Revelation to Ayodelle Sawyerr
Rapture Revelation to Angelica Zambrano
The Error of Rapture Date Setting
Rapture Ranks Right Below Top Ten Teaching of Jesus
Word of Warning for America
Michael Shigaba's End Time Message for Mankind
The Rise of Antichrists
Sequence of Signs Preceding the Coming of Christ
Synching Up the Seven Seals with the Gospels
Rapture Revelation to Margaret MacDonald
Rapture Beliefs of Church Fathers
Rapture Revelation to James Agboola
The End Time Saints
The Land Mourns in the Last Days
Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Disaster
The End Time Plagues
Wars and Rumors of Wars
Times and Epochs the Father has Determined
Brace Yourselves for the Great Shaking
The Persecution of the Saints
The Times of the Gentiles
Waiting for the Lord's Return 
Is Repentance Possible During the Great Tribulation?
Rapture Revelation to Sister Claire Andoun Solomon
God Gives Little Girl Revelations of Christ's Return
Prophetic End Time Warnings from Little Children
Urgent End Time Warning from the Lord
The Coming Wrath of God
The Contractions Are Coming Closer Together
The Vegas Massacre Marks a New Chapter
America's Doom Punctuated by a Boom!
Something is Going on in 2017
The Marriage of the Lamb Has Come
Cosmic Rays Intensifying

Sun of Righteousness
Light of the World
Being a Light in a Dark World
Is Jesus God?
Supremacy of Christ
Candle in the Dark
Ongoing Earthly Ministry of Jesus
Christ's Two Ascensions
The Eternal Firstborn of All Creation
All Things Handed Over to Jesus Christ
The Name of Jesus
Jesus is Yehova
The Bodily Form of God the Father
The Refiner's Fire
The Bodily Form of the Lord Jesus Christ
The Light and the Glory
Christ the Beginning
Jesus Alone Reveals the Father
The Glory of the Lord Revealed
Prophecy of Christ's Suffering, Death, and Resurrection
There's No One Like the Lord

The Apostles' Creed
We Believe in God, the Father Almighty
Creator of Heaven and Earth
Creator of Heaven and Earth: Angels
Creator of Heaven and Earth: Man
And in Jesus Christ, His Only Son, Our Lord
Who was Conceived by the Holy Spirit, Born of the Virgin Mary
Suffered Under Pontius Pilate, was Crucified, Died and was Buried
He Went Down to the Dead, the Third Day He Rose Again from the Dead
His Ascent, Exaltation, and Return in Judgment
We Believe in the Holy Spirit
The Holy Apostolic Church
The Communion of Saints
The Forgiveness of Sins
The Resurrection of the Body
And Life Everlasting. Amen.

The Birth of Jesus Christ
On What Day Was Jesus Born?
In What Year Was Jesus Born?
Bearing Christ Within
Why We No Longer Celebrate Christmas
Miraculous Birth of Jesus
The Virgin Birth of Jesus Christ
The Son of Man 

The Good Shepherd
The Lord, Our Shepherd
Our Senior Pastor
Clergy-Laity Distinction unbiblical
How to Treat Leaders
Accountable, correctable, and teachable
Success in God's Eyes
The Shepherding Role of Elders
Local Church Leadership
Persecuted or Popular?
The Servant of the Lord
No One to Intercede
Jesus Christ the Nazarene
The Priesthood of All Believers
A Personality Profile of the Apostle Paul
A Tale of Two Kings
Wisdom for Wealthy Preachers and Prosperity Teachers
A Word to the Wise and Learned 
The Great Shepherd of the Sheep

The Holy Spirit
The Person of the Holy Spirit
Baptized with the Spirit
The Laying on of Hands
Gifts and Fruit of the Spirit: What's the Difference?
Supernatural Power for All Disciples
The New Wine
Discerning the Things of the Spirit
Testing the Spirits of False Prophets
Judging Revelations, Visions, and Prophecies
The Holy Trinity
The Role of the Trinity in Drawing People to God
The Bodily Form of the Holy Spirit
The Holy Spirit Speaks
The Spirit without Limit
Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit
False Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit
The River of God
The Witness of the Spirit
Led by the Spirit - Part I
Led by the Spirit - Part II
The Baptism of Christ
The Gift of Speaking in Tongues

The Kingdom of God is Like This
The Kingdom of God is Like This
The Secret Kingdom
God's Supernatural Hand in Crisis
The Link Between Two Realms
God's Supernatural Provision Using People
The Kingdom of God as Revealed to James Agboola
A Time for Everything
The Sudden Nature of God's Kingdom
An Incomparable Inheritance
All of His Works Praise Him
Thy Kingdom Come
The Day of Small Things
Why is the Body so Divided?
A Biblical View of the Poor
Paradoxes of the Kingdom of God
God's Way to Greatness
Faithful in the Little Things
Multiplying Your Talents
Against Entropy
Changing the Atmosphere
The Power of Two or Three
Dependence in God's Kingdom
The Authority of the Believer

The Marriage Covenant
Why Not Live Together Rather Than Marry?
Recognizing Jesus
When Marriage Doesn't Work Out
Finding a Marriage Partner
Adultery According to Jesus
Lusting After Your Spouse
The Gift of Celibacy

The Scripture Must Be Fulfilled
The Scripture Must Be Fulfilled
The Conciseness of God
In Defense of the NIV
God's Word Never Fails
Understanding the Gaps in Scripture
The Bible is the Word of God
Numerical Patterns in Scripture
Read the Bible for All Its Worth!
Oral Account of Creation from Adam to Abraham
Unidentified Descendant of Jacob Who Went to Egypt
The Uniqueness of God's Word
Bible Reading Plan 

The Truth of God's Word
Unbiblical Practices of the Catholic Church
Children of God
New Age-New World Order
What is Truth?
Tradition vs. Truth
Accurately Handling the Word of Truth
What's Wrong with the Prosperity Gospel?
Pope Frances Supports Homosexuality
Former Pope in Hell Declared a Saint
Pagan Symbols of the Popes
Pope Validates Evolution and Big Bang Theory
Restored Truth
Exposing the JMS Cult
Exposing Heresy
Are We Really Little gods?
Is it Always a Sin to Not Tell the Truth?
The Cult of Mormonism
Unbiblical Practices of the Russian Orthodox Church
TGRM Issues and Concerns
Gabriel Doufle Issues and Concerns
The False Gospel without Repentance
Rhema vs. Logos – Is there truly a distinction in the word?
Heresies of C.S. Lewis
HOREMOW Issues and Concerns
Exposing the Darkness within HOREMOW
The Nature of False Prophets
The Creation Gap Theory
The Shack is an Attack
The Message Bible or "The Mess"
Harry Potter is the Devil's Snare
Pope Establishes One World Religion
Why Infant Baptism is Not Scriptural
Catholic Priests Molesting Children
The Truth About the Roman Catholic Church
The Truth About Hillsong

Testimonies from Eastern Europe
Seeing Dad Alive for the Last Time
Letting Go of Someone You Love
He Forgave Those Who Threw Gasoline in His Eyes
Like a Man Finding a Pearl of Great Price
My Life Was Built on the Wrong Foundation
Healed of Chronic Leg Pain
Escaped Having a Possibly Fatal Accident
The Truth Set Me Free!
Delivered from Voices and Dizziness
Healed from a Breathing Obstruction
Testimonies from Kozloduj, Bulgaria
Testimonies from Voila, Romania
Pastor Raised from the Dead
Delivered from Cigarettes and Saved
Gems from Heaven
The Joy I've Come to Know
The Lord Healed My Backsliding
My Journey from Buddhism to New Life in Christ
Saved By a Vision of Second Coming - O. Moses Alabi
You Give and Take Away
Prodigal Restored to God
The Spiritual Awakening of Richmond King
Muslim Woman Now Follows Jesus
The Voice That Changed Everything -- Testimony of Dr. Stenhouse 
The Night the Lord Came into My Hut

Verses to the King
Why This Blog?
The Eyes of the Lord
My Anchor
Marriage Feast
Still the Same
Open Line to God
Reward of the Overcomer
The Love Story
The Time is Near
Mirror of Christ
You Fill Me Up
Great is His Faithfulness

Working God's Way
God's Idea of Work
Resting from Work
House of Idleness
Keeping Sundays Holy - Part I
Keeping Sundays Holy - Part II
The Lord's Day
Entering God's Rest
Sabbath Period
Christian Sabbath is Sunday, not Saturday
Famous Christian Sabbath Observers
Righteous Deeds and White Robes
Doing What is Right
The Origin of the Sabbath
Your Rewards Are Based on Your Practice
Partaking of the Divine Nature
God Has Not Rejected His Jewish People, Has He?
Faith Works!
The Spirit's Law of Life
The Spirit of the Law
Is Practical Righteousness a Lost Truth?
Righteousness by Faith not Law
The Ebb and Flow of Ministry for the Lord
Compelled by Love
What Then Must We Observe?
The Law is Good if Used Lawfully
The Sale of Christian Music and Art -- A Robbers' Den?
Remember the Eternal Law of God
All Our Deeds Are Known to the Lord
Practicing Your Righteousness
The Righteous Will Shine Forth as the Sun
The Ways of Life
Followers of the Way
Judging with Righteous Judgment
Holding Fast the Faithful Word
Whatever You Do, Do All Like This
The Conditional Security of the Believer
No Flesh Will Be Justified By Works
Wesley's Sunday Sabbath Keeping
Running from God
Spiritual Do-It-Yourself
Life by the Spirit, Not Under the Law
Walking by Faith

Words of Hope
Why This Blog?
Never Trust in Your Own Good Works
It Goes Well for the Obedient
Be willing To Do Anything God Asks 
The Obedient Ones Receive God's Best
When God Commends You, Nothing Else Matters
We All Need the Mercy of God
He Will Always Be Faithful to Cleanse From Sin 
Fix Your Eyes on Jesus
Jesus is the Foundation
A Poor Man Hears No Threat
Be a Cheerful Giver
Freely Give to Others and To God
God Will Provide 
The Last Shall Be First
The Test of Praise
A Fruitful Vineyard
For the Least of These
Opportunities to Share the Gospel
Demons Fear Your Faith
Be on Your Guard Against the Demons
At Peace with the Lord
Full of the Knowledge of the Lord
Let No One Quench Your Zeal for God
Never Forget God 
Don't Try to Be Like Someone Else
God’s Power is Perfected in Our Weaknesses
God Will Always Lead Us in Triumph
Trust the Lord to Keep You Until the End
Focus on the Unseen Eternal Realm

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